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d1g1tal d0ll


× ♥ × makeup arteeeest × ♥ ×
× ♥ × eyebrow shaver/drawer× ♥ ×
× ♥ × wanna be porn star/club kid × ♥ ×
× ♥ × cat lover × ♥ ×
× ♥ × on-occasion feminist × ♥ ×
× ♥ × party monster × ♥ ×
× ♥ × disc0 bl00d bath × ♥ ×
× ♥ × mansonite × ♥ ×
× ♥ × materialistic × ♥ ×
× ♥ × but i'm a cheerleader × ♥ ×
× ♥ × over-the-top/overdone makeup × ♥ ×
× ♥ × false eyelashes × ♥ ×
× ♥ × married × ♥ ×

today i am dirty,
i want to be pretty, tomorrow, i know i'm just dirt
..yesterday i was dirty, wanted to be pretty,
i know now that i'm forever dirt


filthy_us is my huzband

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+ iF i HaVe YouR iCoN, LeT mE kNoW, aNd i'LL cReDiT +
+ FiRsT bEaUTiFuL jEFfRey PiC MaDe bY: Zee WoNdeRFuL cheekie_twat@gj.com+
+ aLL bLiNKieS,BaNNeRs,eDiTeD PiCs, aNd SoMe iCoNs MadE gRaCiOusLy bY: icondoit@gj.com+
+ a BeAuTiFuL pURpLe iCoN wAs MaDe sO gENeRoUsLy By: twistedfae@gj.com +
13, 36 crazyfists, 40 below summer, a perfect circle, adidas, afi, air force, alcohol, alice in chains, anton, bands, beanies, beans, big boots, black, black fly, blana, bubbles, cats, coal chamber, coma black, coma white, concerts, condoms, cookies, corsets, cradle of filth, crap nuggets, dani filth, david, def leppard, deftones, depeche mode, dharma n greg, dorks, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., fake nails, glitter, hair dye, hats, hayden christiansen, heavy metal, heels, hit parader, honey, icondoit, icp, ill nino, invader zim, jack of jill, james hetfield, jeffrey dahmer!!!, jewelry, jin kazama, juanito, juanito! friends, july 15, june 5, justin (mr jt), justin timberlake, kiss, kittens, kittie, kitties, korn, kurt warner, lack of sex, lacuna coil, led zeppelin, lemons, liquid eyeliner, lord of the rings, loving christina aguilera, make up, malling, mar1lyn man5on, marilyn manson, may 21, metallica, military, molestation, money, mosh patrol, mr bojangles, mudvayne, murderdolls, music, my ruin, nail polish, olivier martinez, oracle, orgy, orlando bloom, otep, ozzy, pac sun, pansexuals, people, phone, piercings, pink, pirates of the carribean, pitch black, playboy mansion, pop, purple, radio, rebecca, roosters, scott weiland, sepultura, serial killers, sex, shoes, shopping, silentobscenity, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, soulfly, spikes, spineshank, spud, st louis rams, star wars, static x, stone temple pilots, superjoint ritual, tairrie b., tattoo's, tekken 123&4, that 70's show, the casualties, tool, tops in blue, transexuals, us weekly, van halen, vans, vin diesel, wayne static, will n grace, xxx, y tu mama tambien